Friday, August 17, 2007

Gotcha Day!

Today is a very special day in my family. Today is what we call "Gotcha Day!" It is a celebration of the day when all the planets were aligned, the heavens were watching their handiwork and a miracle occurred. It is the day when my daughter, born in China, joined her brothers, her father and me. Four years ago today, after three long years of paperwork and fervent prayers, my daughter was placed in my aching arms. And now, four years later, it is so evident that she was intended for our family, but ended up in China during transport. She is our joy. Her two brothers love her fiercely. She is so like each of them in so many ways. I think today of her biological parents and hope that somehow they know that she is safe, flourishing, and dearly loved. I pray that God gives them grace and blessings. This daughter of mine who fills my life with laughter, wonder and love is such a gift. Happy Gotcha Day, beautiful girl.

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