Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't YOU tell ME who I am!!!!

I didn't support the war and you labeled me unpatriotic. You said I did not support the troops. I did support the troops and I wished they were better equipped, and better prepared. Then I wished they were better rested. Now I just wish they were home.

I support equal rights for everybody. When I lamented the unfair advantages of men in the workforce, you labeled me a "feminazi." When I said any two adult people should be able to form a legally recognized union, you questioned my morality. How can it be immoral to accept my fellow human beings as human beings?

I don't support our president and you think me un-American. I worried about the Patriot Act and you said I aided and abetted terrorists. It might surprise you to know that I have an abiding love and respect for the living document that is the Constitution. I fear for our liberty because of the liberties which have been taken with the Constitution, and the ramifications of such on our future.

I complained about illegal immigrants and you called me a bigot. Oh yes, I know my own ancestors were immigrants, but they were here legally and they paid taxes until they died. And many of them, because of their ethnicity, took jobs that no one else wanted.

I am an American. Generations of my family, including this one, have fought for the freedoms I do not take for granted. We pay our taxes, vote in every election, and love our country. Don't presume to tell me who I am.

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